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Dishes, Flowers, and Doors Oh My!

Following their illustrious return to town the guards questioned the crew regarding the body found in the middle of town, who was found with his hands removed and his mouth stuffed with dirt. Xander smoothly diverted the guard by informing the guards they had seen the man the prior day. Yeah. This probably won’t come back to haunt them at all.

The following morning the crew resumed their search for information, and Xander was able to procure the location of a bandit hideout just north of the town. The vine covered house made tried to ensure they became guests permanently, but, thanks to some quick wet work by Mardnab and the strength of Ulgf they were able to escape the living room turned swimming pool.

The upstairs yielded a few corpses, a bloody trail out the window, and a bag with 3 pouches and a pair of hands. Mardnab also found some sketches of the gears that powered the trap. Downstairs, there was another corpse found in a room off the kitchen who seemed trapped in their so called house of refuge. After returning to town, Xander, Naki went to the Tavern, Mardnab went to the general store to tinker away some time, and Ulgf was channeling his inner druid just outside of town. Ulgf had an unwanted visitor who quickly found their way out of town.


The following morning, Falk informed the crew of some vital information regarding the Cult of Azturnin. He learned that they are led by the veiled speakers, and their group always contains 29 members.

Calnamo approached Ulgf in his camp, to share information received regarding the Cult of Azturnin. They have existed since the beginning of time, they view themselves, like anyone who walks the earth as an aberration. Even the Gods themselves, were just gears of creation. Void of their own ambition and will. They have been attempting to undo the creation of all the races.

While Calnamo was speaking to the group in the woods, a small girl approached them through the woods. Xander, also party leader, spoke to her. With vacant eyes and a small voice, she pointed to Mardnab. “Her people will be undone, they are going to find her city”

She could vaguely remember that she was at the temple. So Xander and Falk escorted her back and met briefly with the high priest. The priest, hopeful for any help described what was happening over the last week or so. It started with small boy speaking gibberish and passing out, remaining unconscious for 3 days. Soon others arrived at the temple seeking help, all showing similar signs, confusion, speaking incoherently, and numerous people collapsing.

Falk, quickly determined that magic was involved somehow, Xander rallied the rest of the team and party leader Naki, and party leader Ulgf the Literate returned to the temple to offer their assistance.

Soon the party found themselves dashing down the alleys and streets of the town. Greek peaks, blue steps, red dishes, and kitchens with doors were their only clues. Finally, they were able to retrace the steps of the chaos to the Thompsons house, an older couple that Falk seemed moderately okay with leaving beneath the debris covered floor boards.

Mrs. Thompson pointed her begrudging rescuers (Mostly team leader Falk) They left the Thompsons behind, but not before Naki, left a few gold to help rebuild their gutted home.

The group, now led by the committee of everyone entered the woods in pursuit of the pool described by Mrs. Thompson. On the way Xander discovered the altar and Naki figured out it was used in some sort of summoning.

They pushed on until another quiet voice called from the darkness. “The small one, we will find her city, and her people will be undone” Naki, decided the best form of punctuation would be an arrow to the chest and quickly applied one. Ulgf covered the distance and quickly grappled the creature, who team leader Falk identified as a construct.

He didn’t struggle, but he continued to speak to Mardnab, “Your people were chosen, because they were small and insignificant”

Mardnab, who appeared to have just about enough of people telling her that her people were doomed, lunged forward, poisoned dagger seeking silence with her blade.
Getting what information they could from the dying construct, Naki turned her attention to the pool itself. Already knowing it was magical thanks to Falk, she filled a small vile for analysis later.

Then without a moments hesitation, she pursued knowledge with her feet and stepped inside the pool leaving her compatriots behind, and bewildered.


Seanachai Seanachai

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