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Peace and War then Feast and Famine

(socks the cat who has feet but no socks)

The still smouldering remains of the Drow lay quietly a few feet from the tattered and burned carcasses of innumerable history books and artifacts. All gone. Naki wasn’t sure how much was lost, but she knew the quite rage she felt began to heat the air around them as she stormed back to the surface.

Falk, ever the artist, sketched the ritualistic scene before him. Reagan’s arms bound to the chair, his shirt ripped open exposing the symbol of Lolth carved into his flesh. After a few moments he joined the others, all keeping their distance from the simmering Fire Elf.

Mardnab quickly jumped into the cart to begin working on some improvements while Ulfg and Falk returned to grab Reagan’s body. With his body wrapped and stowed away on the cart, the groups fearless leader Falk lead the party back towards town, from the back, without providing much in the way of direction.

Along the way they noticed an odd traveller, whose peace, war, feast, famine incantation left them more bewildered than interested. However, as Mardnab looked up a crooked smile greeted him as she was told that “They will come for your city first” as the party let the horizon take him.

The Bard spared the party from further scrutiny as they entered Reagan’s hometown, in Reagan’s cart, with Reagan’s body in the back. Totally not suspicious. However Xander was able to redirect the lazy stable boy back to his stool and the party carried on to Calnamo’s. The group also let Calnamo know about the stranger they met on the way back home as well as the name of the cult Naki discovered.

After a brief discussion Calnamo agreed to take care of Reagan’s body, and told Naki that while he didn’t have money but would speak to Palazio about providing the group with some new supplies.

The group spent the evening wandering around town, some looking for information, and others for something else entirely. The following morning Naki met again with Calnamo and Palazio who provided the group with access new gear.


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