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Walking on the ashes of history

After the crew found Calnamo and joined him for some tea, they discovered that Regan was likely off on another unlicensed expedition. The party then returned to the cavern beneath the museum where Mar had reset the trap but did remember to inform the party prior to their reentry.

After gutting the spider and returning the surface the party was able to put together that Regan did in fact leave the village some time ago and headed south east with an empty cart to explore some ruins.

An abandoned cart alluded to Regan’s or at least someones presence near or in the ruins. The party took a quick vote and decided it was best to leave the still inebriated Xander to guard the cart, or leave the cart to guard him. One or the other. After exploring the dilapidated ruins they began to find markings of Lolth leading to an unusual (at least for followers of Lolth) open air altar.

Close to the altar was a iron grate leading down to a cavern after which they attempted some diplomacy with an ornery Grimlock whom the not so much quickly, but eventually dispatched.
Moving on to the next room Mar was able to squeeze through some bars of the portcullis and was eventually able to find the lever to allow the party to join her. Despite being his world’s greatest ranger, Falk was not able to raise the portcullis by himself.

The walls lined with broken Elvish shields surrounded the party while they determined their next move. Ulgf, as if possessed by someone else led the party down the next hallway when things went black. Soon slimy tentacles enveloped Mar, Falk and Xander. Some of them finding it uncomfortable more than others. After Falk spent no small amount of time on his back, the Darkmantles were eventually dispatched, but not before Ulgf nearly deposited his mace into Naki.

Mar was the first one through the door at the end of the hallway. Immediately finding himself nearly knee deep in ashen parchment. After a brief exploration of the room, Mar was able to move past the darkness and spotted a figure sitting quietly in a chair. After the bard rescued the alleged ranger, the party soon discovered the batter, bruised and burned body of Regan strapped to a chair.

Naki became increasingly upset as she realized she was treading upon the ashes of history. Empty scroll tubes and the barren bindings of books destroyed inspired her to storm through the next door where she discovered a frail drow stationed amongst some tables covered in papers.

Through her anger Naki was able to speak to the Drow, demanding the purpose of his atrocity.

“Your history is all wrong and we are going to fix it” was his reply.

He held a vial filled with a bubbling red liquid above his head shortly before bathing himself in fire. Naki, perhaps torn between wanting to save him in order to get more information and watching him burn was still able to save a few pieces of paper while the ever burning Drow placed his hands on the table and as his work consumed him, he consumed it.

The fire faded and his clothes fused to his skin like smouldering tomb as Naki asked him who wanted to change history.

“Everyone” was his smokey reply.


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