The Capital

Population 10,000
Mayor: Lady Stillearth
Council of 5: 1 representative from each ward

The defense is led by the Captain of the Guard. There are soldiers in each Ward as well as the City core. Each ward also has a night watch.

The centre of power is also in the centre of the city and aptly called the core. The Capital has a deep history, and has grown over centuries. What began as a small settlement over 400 hundred years ago, is now one of the largest cities in the realm.
As it grew, a new set of walls went up, with each new area expanding around the perimeter of the previous expansion.

A combination of economic and familial lineage determines which ward you live in.
Many families in the core can trace their lineage back before the first walls went up. Primarily, wealth allows you both physical and political proximity to power.

The outer ward is haphazard, and it’s only through the benevolence of the temples, who built the outer wall to include them under the cities protection. There are still some shops and the temples maintain a presence, but the housing is a hodge podge of tents, shanties and a lesson in structural improvisation.

The Capital

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