As mentioned previously Cylan relies on bartering primarily.

While essentially each village will have a general supply shop, there are no magical item shops outside the capital. However, there are a series of unofficial traders that are constantly on the move, as purveyors of unregistered magical items the Seekers are awfully interested in catching up with them.

Especially outside the capital, gold is rarely seen. Most folks don’t even need to use silver, because they rely so heavily on bartering.

One way of acquiring new (to you) and not so gently used magical items is to receive a writ from the Sanhedrin. A writ allows a person (or persons) to explore ruins that are rumored to contained hidden chache’s of magical items hidden during the war.

The Sanhedrin would prefer to reclaim items themselves, but their recruitment motto of “or else” has not been as effective as they originally anticipated. So, in lieu of their own foot soldiers, they will sell your permission to explore specific ruins (accompanied by one of their own of course) and retain a certain amount of the magical items found (all items must be registered). The price for each writ is based on location, what they suspect may be there and the difficulty of the retrieval. This writs can be obtained through the temple in the capital or if you are feeling particularly bold from the Seekers as well.


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