Pholtus himself appears as a tall, slender man with pale skin, flowing white hair and bright blue eyes burning with the fires of devotion. He always wears a silky white gown and a cassock trimmed with gold and silver, embroidered with suns and moons.

Pholtus is allied with Heironeous and Pelor.

holtus has an unfriendly rivalry with Saint Cuthbert

Worshippers of Pholtus are called Pholtans. Some Pholtans claim that he set the sun and the moon in the sky and maintains them in their rigid procession to show all creatures the One True Way, a strict path which allows no deviation but absolutely assures rightness.

Pholtus is the God of the capital, and as such the God of Cylan, however, the farther you get from the capital, the less reverence Pholtus is given.


Pholtus’s clerics are most active in cities, where they seek to reveal the light to unbelievers. They adorn street corners to preach about their God when they aren’t performing rituals in the temple.. They are never completely without light if they can help it. Magical light is preferred, but a candle or a piece of luminous fungus will serve if no other light is available.

There is a prominent temple in the capital and a temple in each region.

While this is the only official religion of Cylan, there is freedom to worship other Gods. This leniency may only be due to the lack of resources necessary to enforce conformity.


These are the inquisitors of Pholtus. They wield the gavel and wear the hood in the name of Pholtus. The are equally faithful and unyielding in their calling.


Writs are both a source of revenue and a way to continue to gather and register magical items. Interested parties can purchase the right to explore specific ruins in search of magical items. Each party will be honored with the presence of a priest of Pholtus to verify any finds. The writ requires the parties to return all items to the priest. After examination the party will receive a portion of the found items. As well the party may keep 90% of all gold and any jewels found.


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