The political structure has changed in Cylan since the war. Cylan used to be synonymous with equilibrium. Politics, religion, and magic were in inseparable in many ways. Many leaders, political, military, economic and religious were imbued with magic.

This did not cause much division throughout the country as it was largely peaceful. Varying religions and races lived relatively peacefully. Unrest can often be the result of the luxury of time.

The people of Cylan were were hardworkers, with each region working to contribute not only to their own subsistence but those of the other regions as well. The forests, mines, waters, and gardens seemed to give their resources willingly. As if it recognized the hard work of the people.

There wasn’t a single ruler, but rather a council of readers, comprised of representatives from each region plus the capital. As each region provided for the other through trade, it allotted a tithe of its resources to the capital, which in turn, provided healing services in each region, guards for the roads, and negotiated trade terms with other nations.

A different world emerged after the war. It took years for the nation to struggle back to its feet. The equilibrium was skewed and its as if the earth new it. They had to work harder to harvest fewer crops.

The previous informal power structure was, over time, replaced with a rigid theocracy. Although, it could be argued that theocracy is largely ignored outside the capital. The religious order of Pholtus has assumed power in the capital, and it assumes it has right to rule the nation. However, it lacks the necessary strength to make this happen thus far.

The lack of accepted central leadership has created hardships for the regions. Trade between them is more difficult, partially due to dwindling resources, and partially due to mistrust following the civil war. Each region worked to become increasingly self sufficient and insulated from the rest of the country. This isolation lasted nearly 8 decades following the civil war. The next 7 decades were spent reforging lost relationships between the regions.

The war hit the capital the hardest, owing that the largest concentration of magic users resided there. Over the ensuing decades, people were hesitant to return, so while it was geographically the hub, the regions reliance on it has dwindled.

The regions, now in the midst of their resurgence use new paths that form a circle around the island, leaving the old paths to the capital over grown.

So,all that to say this, the current power structure is one of religious rule, in the early stages of their domination. I mean, gentle guidance. They are attempting to rebuild the capital and assert is importance in the daily life of all Regions of Cylan.


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