The Sanhedrin is the ruling body that oversees the regulation of Magic in Cylan.

The Sanhedrin is comprised of followers of Pholtus the god of order, law and inflexibility.

Anyone who wishes to practice Magic must register and pay a fee in order to receive their papers, which they must have on them at all times. Further magic users must register a list of any and all magic items they have, whether purchased, inherited or discovered.

Magic practitioners found to be in possession of magical items that have not been registered are subject fines and immediate confiscation.

Magic users are required to check in with the Sanhedrin twice a month. These check ins can occur in the capital, or with the Sanhedrin’s Seekers. Seekers are members of the Sanhedrin who travel the country and regions looking for practioners of wylde magic.

Further, the Sanhedrin has barred the practice of Necromancy.


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