The war of the Broken Wands

The War of the Broken Wands. This was the first major conflict experienced by Cylan and it was devastating. Somehow, the cohesiveness the country enjoyed slowly eroded. People say it was as if the Gods walked away.

Something insidious had taken root in the country. People stopped trusting one another, rules changed, there was a fierceness present that had eroded hundreds of years peaceful interactions between the regions.

It was as if the magic had become toxic, and the religion suffocating. Each region began to refuse to trade with the other creating economic tensions. Religious leaders become increasingly dogmatic, no longer where temples open to worshippers of all creeds.

Then, as political figures began to overstay their welcome, ignoring long held traditions of cycling, hubs of community and trade gave way to political centres of power even the land itself seemed to darken.

The abundance of Agromere has ceased and the mines of Hul Darhim swallowed their ore and gave no more. The land produced nothing but rumors. It was the Magicians who brought this corruption upon the land. They somehow invoked the wrath of the Gods, who know have turned their backs.

After the rumours, came sickness, then the plague, and finally the war.

UnfortunatelyNot much is known about the war. It’s difficult to say what started it, or even how it finally ended. Maybe everyone just gave up. It’s only known that Cylan paid in blood and magic. The dead were innumerable. Those who practiced magic bore the brunt. Many were killed in their sleep discovered with their staves broken and embedded in their chest. Others fled the country or went underground.

Survivors of the war refused to speak of it nor write about it. Many other books were burned in the purge of all things magical following the war, so not only is there much unknown about the war, but there are now gaps in the history of Cylan because of the death toll of the war, and the purging that followed.

The war of the Broken Wands

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