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You are residents of the country of Cylan. It’s a world where lore and god’s reign supreme. It is home to the lush fields of Agromere in the north, the rocky plains of Hul Darhim, the frozen tundra of Jorros and the temperate coastal region of the east, Ancnoc.

Cylan itself is an island, spanning several hundred kilometres from coast to coast. Agromere, Hul Darhim, Jorros, and Ancnoc, are the four main regions Each with its own larger city and a several smaller towns.. Each region is responsible for stewarding the natural resources available to them, and providing a tithe to the capital, Belmere.

Cylan is home to the full spectrum of races and while some have historic regional ties, many move freely through the country.

The economy relies primarily on barter, as each region has something unique to its locale. However, physical currency does exist in the form of copper, silver and gold. However, most people will only ever use copper and silver in their life time. Gold is exceedingly rare in Cylan, and many residents die without ever holding a single piece in their hands.

Magic has a bit of a history in Cylan. You can find the long version by reading about The war of the Broken Wands Here are the basics of what you need to know about Magic in this world.

Historically, Cylan, like most countries had guilds, scholars, it’s fair share of tomes, wizards, sorcerers, paladins and the like. After the war, however, everything is changed. Magic, outside of the capital is largely frowned upon, and it has become heavily regulated. Anyone wishing to practice magic must register in the city. Items and spell books are harder to find, especially outside of the capital. The regulation of magic is enforced by the Sanhedrin who roam the country to ensure their regulations are obeyed.

For those who follow the regulations new spells, magic items and potions are easier to acquire in the capital and through roving merchants, although supplies are still being rebuilt. There are those who use magic who refuse to register, choosing to practice wylde magic. These practitioners form a loose underground in which a small amount of items can be purchased and spells learned.

Now roughly 150 years past the war, equilibrium is slowly returning to Cylan. It seems as though the Gods have made a gaurded return. It’s as if the world is slowly trusting its inhabitants with her resources again.

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