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Eat this, Bitch!

Silver and Gold I have not....anymore.

The crew found themselves on the road to the capital. Not in some esoteric sense of self discovery. Just the plain sense that they were on the road to the capital. Anyways.

The first night was mostly uneventful, until the dragon showed up. Which may have not been the end of the world, but, Ulgf, interrupted parlay with a javelin. Then, things and the dragon went south. The dragon chased the crew around the woods and ensured that Yp stayed charred throughout much of the encounter. Ulgf and the danger Ranger took turns trying to lasso and/or mount the dragon. The ranger nearly did so, but unfortunately was not able to get the necessary spring in his step and instead slammed face first into the side of the dragon instead.

Meanwhile, Naki, was having none of the Red Dragon’s sass and repeatedly shrugged off the fire breathe in between filling the dragon with bolts. Vuping on the other hand was masquerading as a tumble weed and was frantically running (or tumbling as it were) around keeping the party alive, ok, mostly Yp with a dash of Ranger.

Finally, as the dragon taunted Naki once more, she unleashed a bolt that entered the mouth of the dragon, finally silencing the the air borne critic. The party quickly dismembered the dragon in record time before retiring for the night again.

Ulgf and the Ranger, being the upstanding party members that they are, went off in search of the dragon’s lair, because, well…gold! After quickly over the course of an hour they divided everything into exact equal portions for every party member, they attempted to return to the group and provide the others with the first pick of the loot.*

However, the only thing stronger than their noble intentions was the greed of the dragon and when the items made it half way out of the lair, they noticed the stones began reform the ceiling and seal the exit. They both responded by plunging off the narrow stair case. Bravo gentlemen. The ranger was okay, until the sudden stop embraced him gently into unconsciousness. Ulgf meanwhile, gently used feather fall so at least one of them remained in the land of the living.

Fortunately, the remainder of the party, noticed (eventually) that their compatriots appeared to be gone longer than they ought and set out to find them. After a few moments they arrived at the scene only to find everything sealed up, and the stair case replaced by an elvish riddle. (Can you imagine what would have happened if the Elf was stuck in there!) Fortunately, Yp was able to solve the puzzle and release the spell and create an opening for their stuck compatriots to exit. Those above ground could hear the faint sounds of coins falling, however, Ulgf assured them only a pittance was lost.

*This part of the message was subsidized by the Ulgf and Whisper Asset Recovery and Management Team and may not accurately reflect the opinions of this author nor reality.


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