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Sometimes you should just kill the old lady

Scribbling Scribes

The party, after spending a day wandering the streets of the capital, found there way to the library and quietly gained the attention of the librarian by screaming a racial epitaph across the room.

Luckily, Naki was able to mitigate the verbal damage and discover that someone else was pursuing the Book of Ancients. The party quickly hid Ulgf behind a bookshelf, while an elderly lady shuffled her way inside the library, getting her evening dose of genealogy in.

The party meanwhile, discussed doing the only reasonable thing when confronted with the elderly at night, which is to kill them with fire as she began her painfully slow ascent of the stairs to pester the librarian with a series of mundane questions.

Naki, provided an awkwardly quiet escort up the stairs before leaving the librarian alone with a psychotic senior citizen. The senior moment was short lived as the librarian was singed as the old lady turned into a drow. Who, in the midst of scorching the librarian, sent the hard charging party members back down the stairs with a thunderous explosion.

The ranger, who had an electric encounter with the drow was able to crawl to safety before he met an untimely end that didn’t begin by being tossed by the Orc.

Eventually, after a liberal application of arrows and shots to the head with a mace, eventually the drow, who spoke without a tongue, fell silent.

The party kindly helped clean up the librarian and she was able to procure a copy of several pages from the Book of Ancients for the party could hastily copy in their own hand, hoping the information was helpful and not the recipe for a Dwarvish souffle.


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