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Swipe the gold off your drow

After eventually dispatching the spider, and debating the contributions of the party to the spiders demise, eventually they set their sights on the next door. After a liberal application of mace Ulgf was able to render the door useless, although one critical fail later, he also rendered his mace useless, so there is that.

Beyond the door the incantation of “Elliya Lolthu” – Elven for “Test me, Lolth”

Despite his innate dark vision Ulgf noticed that he was not able to pierce the darkness that covered the newly discovered the room. As the chanting continued the party did the only thing reasonable. Tied a rope around the wizard and sent in her alone.

Someone, or something cut the rope, and when the friendly neighbourhood orc felt the rope go slack, immediately, and and silently (well, for an orc) entered the room, with a spear provided by the world’s greatest ranger (still in search of which particularly world this would be, god help their souls) and a shield put together by the Gnome.

Ulgf was able to keep the wizard safe, but felt a sharp pain across the back of his legs as something was able to dart behind him and slice him open. Between Ulgf and his borrowed spear and the burning hands of Naki, they were able to dispatch the female drow.

However, the darkness did not die with the drow, which led to the Naki, Falk, and the Gnome scrambling in the shade in search of a coin purse, which I suspect was because they were each so motivated to be the one who shares it equally amongst the party.

The death of the drow also produced 160 gold and a ruby amulet, which was promptly given to the orc as it matched the color in his eyes. The gnome valued the amulet at 50 gp, while a belligerent bard put the value closer to 50 cp. Although his immediate offer of 32 gold to pry it from the orcs fingers, was equally suspicious and rebuffed.

Falk, with the keenest eyes of his homeland, spotted the etchings around the perimeter of the wall. Lolth’s named was etched deeply and uniformly around the walls, until it began to become increasingly erratic. Then it changed from Lolth to Regan, and from Regan to Calnamo.

The party spent a few minutes discussing which approach to take for their upcoming conversation with Calnamo, if they wanted to go with the classic toss the drow’s body through the window approach, or an actual diplomatic approach relying on words rather than…..other tactics.

After the party exited the dungeon, Ulgf, Falk, and the Gnome decided to forgo the snobbery of the inn and set up camp outside the village. While Naki and Xander booked a stay at the Chipped Chalice, although both were rebuffed by Bas who would have all of their boozer but none of their questions.


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