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Well shit

Dusting cobwebs off an unused Tome

Naki found herself in a cold dark room, surrounded by inanimate creatures. Each with a small pool in front of them. The far side of the room held three tables, two of which held rotting corpses who looked like that had various parts removed. On the third table, lay an elf, who looked like he had been opened up like a keg of ale at a Dwarf party. Somehow, he still breathed and Naki was able to zip him up and keep most of insides from spilling to the outside.

A few small bursts of fire and the constructs were beyond repair, and potentially so was her return to the party. However, a few buckets of magical transporty water later, Rivi found herself back with the crew!

Sadly, things were slightly different than when she had left. The party had just struck down a construct of their own before she disappeared and now, as she returned she watched people stumbling through the town, enraptured by the haunting song of the harpy. The rest of the group was frantically attempted to rope off the edge of the ravine as men, women and children spilled over the edge. The screams of the falling pierced the darkness. As the party fought the harpy and attempted to drag people away from the edge.

There was also the small incident of the Harpy grabbing Xander and carrying him around like an accessory.

Enough was enough. It was time for Ulgf to take matters into his own hands. And by matters, I mean Mardnab. Ulgf, who was fresh out of javelins, grabbed Mardnab and launced her (Ulgf, is an equal opportunity Gnome thrower) towards the Harpy. Mardnab was able latch on to the Harpy and begin to tie the rope around her so Uglf could keep her from flying off with two of his compatriots.

A quick strike with a poisoned dagger, elicited a few cheers, a solitary question, and an expletive.

“That poison, that was a paralytic wasn’t it?” “Well, shit”

Harpy, Mardnab and Xander began their descent, Mardnab attempted to guide the harpy down Xander side up, but the dice God’s were not smiling that evening. Well, I mean they probably were, but that’s because dice God’s are assholes.

With the Harpy spiralling towards sudden contact with the ground, Mardnab back flips off, again, dice God’s be damned, left a bit early and stead of falling to the ground, she plummets to the ravine, her fall broken somewhat by a pile of dead citizens. Probably a kid.

The sudden stop of both the the Harpy and Xander meant that the party was down to 3. But hey, that really annoying harpy song is over, so small sacrifice, amirght?!

The next the party was joined by Yp, Whisper and Vuping.

Yp, a halfing rogue thought he hit the jackpot as he made it to the now exceedingly vulnerable town the morning after the majority of the town decided to go ravine jumping, well, more like falling.

Whisper, new party ranger, arrived as the Harpy died, and has been tracking it, and others for some time. Whisper clearly noticed the need for a ranger, well a real ranger anyways.

Vuping, a dwarvish cleric, joined the party after serving at the local temple. Since most of his flock is dead, it seemed like the thing to do at the time.

The party’s next adventure took them towards the capital, heading to what’s left of the Library to find out more on the Cult of Azturnin. Along the way, they passed a string of survivors whose ears were likely still ringing with the song of another harpy. The group moved on as the party made its way to the now empty village.

The evening revelries were interrupted by a small gathering of GIGANTIC SPIDERS! Eventually, the spiders were dispatched, leaving hundreds of orphans behind. Whose are the monsters now!

A quick search allowed the newly acquired party ranger to track the spiders back to an underground dungeon. A few goblins, a room or two full of spiders, two pet dogs, and finally a drow.

The drow, whose unending speech seemed to cause Naki’s blood to boil, which due to her fire elf lineage is often simmering anyways.

Finally, after the drow encouraged Naki to fight for her friends while she could still remember them she had enough. She took three strides forward, tripped over one of her prone compatriots and fell on her face at the feet of the Drow.

When they managed to kill the Drow, Naki was still in enraged, and began slamming the dead drow against the ground, over and over again. It was not until Ulgf intervened via a back hand that she came to her sense.


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