Things You Have Learned

Things you Know


You have learned, through a letter that Naki discovered, that the Drow are chasing down a particular book called the great book, or the Book of the Ancients, one of the two. You also learned that scissors can be lustful, who knew!

At the beginning, Naki, Uglf, and Falk noticed they seemed to be the only ones not completely affected by some kind of Psionic magic.

The Drow are seeking vast sums of knowledge however they can get. One way was through the kidnapping and murder of Reagan, a local historian who had been collected tomes and scrolls throughout his life. Reagan, whose body was found tied to a chair with the symbol of Lolth carved into his chest and his life’s work in ashes at his feet.

You also know that Cult of Azturnin exists. They basically view all sentient life as an aberration of creation and would spend their lives trying to find a way to undo this error.

You have learned through scraps of paper, and interactions with various Drow shortly before their inevitable demise that the Drow are extremely interested in rewriting history. Naki has noted that she is losing her memory and Ulgf has realized that there is something off with nature.

You know that the Drow are extremely interested in also wiping out the Gnomes and are searching for their city. Numerous strangers have approached Mardnab (God rest her soul) that they are close to finding her city.

Ulgf – you were greeted by a rather terrified human who was sent to deliver a message to you. Return to your family and accept your fate.

Things You Have Learned

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